Aspects of the Soul and Its Passions

(as noted by Met. Hierotheos in Orthodox Psychotherapy)


[The Passions] are not forces that enter our soul, but natural powers that have been corrupted by sin and our withdrawal from God (247)



                        Intelligent             Appetitive            Incensive

                                 I                                                    I                                                I             

                        love of glory (pride)             love of possessions                     gluttony



self-love gives birth to these (255)


St. Mark the Ascetic says the 3 giants are:

        i) spiritual ignorance                                                                                                 

        ii) forgetfulness

        iii) laziness

the sins of each aspect according to St. John of Damascus (256)                                                                                  

unbelief                         gluttony                         heartlessness

heresy                          greed                             hatred

folly                              drunkenness                   lack of compassion

blasphemy                      unchastity                     rancour

ingratitude                      adultery                        envy

assent to sins originating     uncleanness                murder

in the soul's passible          licentiousness               dwelling constantly on

aspect                             love of material things     the above

                                      desire for empty

                                       glory, gold

                                       wealth and the

                                       pleasures of

                                       the flesh


Mother's & Daughter's (260)

M - Gluttony                                      M - Self-Esteem

            I                                                     /                    \       

D - Unchastity                        D - Listlessness          D - Pride

                           \                                   /

                                    Both produce


                                Dejection and anger


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