The titles are reflective of the majority of topics that are posted within each blog. There is much overlap in content but many have themes that run through them so I've tried to categorize as much as possible.  With the multiplicity of blogs and the webographies that each one advertises I haven't come across many that try to organize them topically so I've attempted to do so here.  Forgive me if I have misplaced your blog.  It would be an overly tired-ridden oversight on my part.



This topic refers to the theme that encompasses daily Saints, sayings of the Fathers and contemporary elders, announcements of various books and events that are taking place and the occasional political comment.


This topic refers mostly but not exclusively to blogs of priests who offer much reflection and pastoral/priestly insight, care and concern.  Various posts are academic, insightful, and reflective but care for the flock of Christian a unique way


This topic refers to those group of blogs that are written but very thoughtful people who try to approach our contemporary climate in an Orthodox manner and offer solutions in understanding, interacting and plain functioning in such a climate.


These blogs offer a smorgasbord of posts that tackle contemporary theological issues that cover the spectrum of theological and philosophical thought.  There are various post of "in process" translations and references, comments and critiques of other academic activities on the World Wide Web.


These blogs post on the news of the Orthodox world with smatterings of worldwide politics and issues and the occasional new book.



These blogs are those of friends who have many varied interests.




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