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The North American Patristics Society 

IntraText Digital Library 

The Hesychasm Library 

Project Gutenberg - On-line Books 

Christian Classics Etheral Library

Early Church Fathers (from Hendrickson Publishing)

Writings of the Church Fathers (Edited by Roger Pearse - all that was not included in the 38-volume Hendrickson set)

Greek Texts (as noted here) en francais Monsieur.

"manuscrits" catalogue (as noted Here) see HERE and HERE

Extant literary texts from AD30 to AD100

Middle Eastern and Syriac Texts

Stiftsbibliothek (the Abbey Library) as noted HERE

EThOSNet - a service run by the British Library, to provide access to all UK PhD and Research Theses (see overview HERE)



Patristics Carnival

Directory of Orthodox Internet Resources

A whole slew of Orthodox Links

Links to everything Orthodox 

Orthodox Sites portal 

Orthodox Magazines and Publications

North American Church Contacts (websites, e-mails and church addresses of all the churches listed by but organized differently - a work in progress; all Churches for the U.S are mostly completed. This isn't as functional as the original site)

Biblindex (Biblica Patristica indices and the identification of biblical citations of all Jewish and Christian literature of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.)

Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank (see more details HERE)

Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) - a series of critical editions of the Latin Church Fathers published by a committee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.  The CSEL is intended to include the ecclesiastical authors from the late 2nd century AD to the death of Bede in 735.  The texts are edited on the basis of all extant manuscripts and according to the principles of modern textual criticism and thus aim to provide a critical replacement for the corresponding volumes of the Patrologia Latina.

BIBLINDEX - the on-line version of the Biblia Patristica, The ultimate goal of this site is to enable the identification of biblical citations of all Jewish and Christian literature of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. (Thank-you Roger)

Patrologia Graeca on-line (this link is for the Index)[Thank-you David Miller for pointing this out]

Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints










Fr. Artemy Vladimirov (of Sergiev Posad)




·         Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar 

  • Video Offer on Russian Bells, Blaovgest, their making and other items of bell interest

  • Fasting Cookbook



    Thematically organized “LINK” pages.  All of the links in these pages I have dispersed throughout my own pages but I include these pages because perhaps there methods of organizing are better then my own for others to search through.  Of course the purpose of this whole site is to organize masses of material and information.  Nonetheless. It is mostly meant for me but I will include these others as they may be helpful.

  links page

    St. John the Baptist Parish links page links page (not really a “link” but I reorganized what they did)

    J.B. Burnett links pages (all PDF, beautifully done, a great treasure, take note of the whole of the Rudder under the “canon” file)



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