• A Prophecy of the Coming Unity of Russia by Elder Anatole
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A Prophecy of the Coming Unity of Russia by Elder Anatole

In the very first days of the Revolution, February, 1917, Elder Anatole the Younger had prophesied, likening Holy Russia to a ship: “There will be a storm. And the Russian ship will be smashed into pieces. But people can be saved even on splinters and fragments.... And not everyone will perish. One must pray, everyone must repent and pray fervently. And what happens after a storm? There will be a calm?”

At this everyone said to the Elder, “But there is no more ship, it is shattered to pieces; it has perished, everything has perished.”

“It is not so,” said the Elder. “A great miracle of God will be manifested. And all splinters and fragments, by the will of God and His power, will come together and be united, and the ship will be rebuilt in it beauty and will go on its own way as foreordained by God. And this will be a miracle evident to everyone.” (p. 618)


Free Books from Optina

There had been a tradition in Optina, instituted by Abbot Moses (+1862), that whenever a spiritual book was published by the monastery, a copy would be sent free to each monastery in Russia. At Fr. Seraphim's insistence the St. Herman Brotherhood did the same, sending a free copy of all its Russian books to Russian Orthodox monasteries throughout the world. (p. 623)


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