From Metropolitan Hierotheos Orthodox Psychotherapy


The Passions of the Soul  (are forgetfulness, laziness and ignorance, by which the eye of the soul is then dominated by all the other passions - St. John Damascene [257])


impiety                       fear                              evil desire                       deceit

false teaching             cowardice                     attachment to worldly    shamelessness

blasphemy                 quarrelsomeness            concerns                       insensibility

wrath                         jealousy                         listlessness                    flattery

anger                         envy                               faint-heartedness          treachery

bitterness                   self-esteem                     ingratitude                    pretence

irritability                    pride                              grumbling                     indecision

inhumanity                  hypocrisy                       vanity                           wandering thoughts

rancour                       falsehood                      conceit                                

back-biting                 unbelief                          pomposity                    self-love

censoriousness            greed                             boastfulness                 avarice (the root/source of all evil)

senseless dejection      love of material               love of power              malice           

                                                things                love of popularity         guile         

                                                                                                            assent to sins arising

                                                                                                                           from the soul's

                                                                                                                           passible aspect

                                                                                                                           and dwelling on

                                                                                                                           them continually




The Passions of the Body


gluttony                       greed                           over-indulgence             drunkenness

eating in secret            general softness of         unchastity                      adultery

licentiousness                          living                 uncleanness                    incest

pedastry                      bestiality                       impure desires                theft

sacrilege                      robbery                        murder                           consulting oracles

casting spells               watching for omens       self-adornment                ostentation

foolish display                         and portents       use of cosmetics             painting the face

wasting time                day-dreaming                 trickery                          life of bodily ease

Every kind of luxury and gratification of the whims of the flesh especially when the body is in good health



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