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"Not of This World"











Fr. Seraphim (Rose)




  • Hieromonk Ambrose's Reflections

See also a thematic categorization of his work HERE



  • In Memoriam HERE and another one HERE
  • The Self-liquidation of Christianity (1966) 
  • The Place of Blessed Augustine in the Orthodox Church (1978)(book can be bought HERE)
  • Orthodoxy in America (1979)
  • Interview with Fr. Seraphim Rose (1981) 
  • The Search for Orthodoxy (1981)
  • The Orthodox World-view and HERE (1982)
  • Contemporary Signs of the End of the World pt. 1 and pt. 2 (1981) 
  • The Chinese Mind (1981)
  • Subhumanity - The Philosophy of the Absurd and HERE (1982)
  • Letter to A Reader of Rene Guenon (date?)
  • Speaking the Truth in Love (date ?)
  • The Orthodox Revival in Russia as Inspiration for American Orthodoxy (date ?)
  • Vita Patrum (1988) (.pdf)
Unfortunately I have not received permission to offer ALL of the above texts.  The ones that are hyperlinked are found elsewhere.  Presently I am in the process of trying to get permission.  If you value these works as much as I do send along an email to Fr. Damascene at and let him know, perhaps it will help in posting on-line articles as well as republishing such valuable books as the "Vita Patrum" and a reprinting of the 1st ed. of "The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit in Ancient Russia".


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