In this section is an enormous amount of material that I've extracted from "Not of This World: The Life and Works of Fr. Seraphim Rose."   I do not assume that the headings encapsulate all that was written in the book regarding that topic.  I only mean to emphasize what I found to be relevant to me through my reading of the work.  I could not say, though, that the three quotes on "Church Life" or four on "Tradition"  or other categories are distilled Fr. Seraphim.  I believe they do capture his thought but not exhaustively to say the least.  For this I would recommend reading the whole chapters that he has dedicated to such subjects and also can be found HERE.  The titles are all my own and I've tried to organize and compartmentalize them as much as possible but as will become quickly evident many of the quotes over flow into other areas and of course they should as many cannot be contained to one heading and therefore the same quote has been placed under both headings.  Despite the organization and structure presented herein let's end by referring to Fr. Seraphim

Father Seraphim was never to complete his "Manual for Converts" project. The more he thought about and struggled with it, the more he became convinced that the very idea of a "manual" was wrong in this case. As he so often reiterated, there are no formulas in spiritual life. Christianity is not like Islam in promising salvation to those who follow the "regulations." Christ gave no detailed "recipes," but only gave the most awesome commandment of all: to love even to love our enemies. (p. 787)


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